Archive for December, 2014

Review: Docetism – Breaking The Circle Of Life

Resting-pulse techno, pushing through the plasma of unconsciousness.

Interview: Dead Neanderthals

In the wake of Prime – 40 minutes of relentless sax/drum eruption, fortified by the addition of saxophonist Colin Webster – the Dutch duo talk to ATTN about giant black holes and bloody beards.

Novellino + Rosi + Mazurek + Barnes – Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Attilio Novellino and Saverio Rosi scatter the field recordings of an old woollen mill amidst the sonic ponderings of Rob Mazurek and Tim Barnes.

Review: REFUSENIK – Musikaliszer Pinkos

A faltering wormhole between the present tense and Abraham Berenstein’s music from the 1920s.

Review: Roberto Opalio – Aurōra Coelestis

Glockenspiel as liquid and spinning top, in a vinyl release by one half of My Cat Is An Alien.

Review: Sloath – Deep Mountain

Riff gluttony and guitar noise from Brighton.

Review: The Thomas Family – Dub Variations

Suspended meaning via modular synth and Hong Kong field recordings, in the debut record of the Crow Versus Crow label.

Review: Michel Banabila + Oene Van Geel – Music For Viola And Electronics

An enveloping negotiation between clifftop storms and watercolour architecture.

Review: Nick Storring – Gardens

A multi-tracked machine of pulleys and winches, swaying between the elegant and the ungainly.

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