Archive for January, 2015

Review: D’Incise – O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno

A conceptual exercise in abstraction, shunning musical habit in favour of bass frequency imposition and creased chronology.

Review: Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong – Extensions

Saturation, blemish and displacement, in this A/V work inspired by Canadian media scholar Marshall McLuhan.

Review: Jean D.L. – Early Nights

An experimental guitar player meddles with his own size and opacity.

Review: Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – SOUND X SOUND-MUSIC FOR 8 RECORDERS

Sonic origins dissolve into distraction and commotion, in the debut edition of Løkkegaard’s study of instrument multiplication.

Review: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt​ + ​Daniel Kaufman – Split

Two artists working in electricity, feedback and anxious energy conflict.

Interview: Six Organs Of Admittance

Ben Chasny leads ATTN down the Hexadic System rabbit hole, in which chance operation, combinatorial process, hexafields and parlour games swirl into a surreally beautiful music.

Review: Pepa Päivinen + Good Romans – Ghost Of A Dog

Improvisation for woodwind/drums/guitars/electronics, loaded with passive aggression and sharp dress sense.

Review: Black Thread – Autumn Flowers

Mortality draining out of magnetic tape.

Review: Datura Dilema – Spirals

Four extracts of a polymetric techno eternity.

Review: Follow The Sun – Gaze

A simple and romantic origami of guitar and piano; cinema score in a snowglobe.

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