Archive for February, 2015

Review: Poppy Nogood – Collected Works

Precarious musical structures erupt as a cluster bomb of computer processing.

Review: Father Murphy – Calvary

A musique concrete poem depicting the execution of Dismas, Gestas and Jesus of Nazareth.

Interview: Derek Piotr

The Poland-born composer discusses the allure of woodwind, the dislocation of vocal auto-tune and the forthright direction taken by his latest self-produced record, Bahar.

Review: Coppice – Cores/Eruct

Cracked material and air expulsion, in a series of compositions by Joseph Kramer and Noé Cuéllar.

Review: Morton Feldman – For Bunita Marcus

An 80 minute piano piece performed by Lenio Liatsou, and a mesmerising exercise in momentum and body weight circumvention.

Review: Jason Kahn – Thirty Seconds Over

Fire extinguisher static and constipated electronics, in two compositions for analog synth, mixing board and shortwave radio.

Review: Triac – In A Room

Spatial limitation and compassionate movement for electric bass, piano, synth and laptop.

Review: Chad Mossholder – Non-Site Specific

Electronic synthesis removed from its computation vacuum, placed under the influence of weather and micro-variables.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Skullsplitter

Romance and clarity amidst a botched blanket of guitar improvisation and signal-bending.

Review: Grey Frequency – Immersion

Translucent intricacy from the edge of life, as signal and instrument protrude from cement-shaded murk. Part of the “A Year In The Country” series – an exploration of “underlying unsettledness/otherlyness to the English bucolic countryside dream”.

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