Archive for March, 2015

Review: Cyril Bondi + Toma Gouband – Hi No Tori

One part profound percussive study, one part earthquake prophecy.

Review: Kate Carr – Fabulations

An intermingling of unconscious place and hidden intention, weaving musicality and memory into field recording fabric.

Review: Iris Garrelfs – Breathing Through Wires

Chameleonic vocal improvisation, spread across five live performances at various venues.

Review: Sarah Davachi – Barons Court

Microtonal flowers and the throb of stasis.

Review: Elegant Humanoid – Ideoplastia

Burst pipes and alien fog, trapped somewhere between tranquility and sheer panic.

Review: Northaunt – Istid I-II

120 minutes of uninhabited Nordic landscapes, liberated by the absence of human rationale.