Archive for May, 2015

Interview: Benoît Pioulard

Thomas Meluch talks to ATTN about tape machines, kaleidoscopic vortices and his new albums, Sonnet and Stanza.

Review: Huey Walker – Blearies

A 20-minute piece of loose echoes and drooling guitar, nudged forth by the movement of seahorses.

Review: How To Cure Our Soul – Saigon

Continuous tones and endless questions.

Interview: Black Spirituals

The improvisatory duo talk to ATTN about social energy, harmonic resonance and redefining the congregation of sound and possibility.

Review: Die Neuen IBM – Herzkreisnegativ

Crackpot teleportation devices and spacecraft lift-off, released on Midnight Circles.

Review: VA AA LR – Polis

Mechanisms of petroleum and anxiety, documenting a sound installation that took place on the streets of Porto, Portugal.

Review: HS – How To

Caught in the updraft of gale-force tape interference.

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