Archive for July, 2015

Review: Gurun Gurun – Kon B

Bedtime song valiantly persists amidst the thickening haunt of improvisatory ghosts.

Interview: MacGillivray

Upon the release of her new record Once Upon A Dirty Ear, MacGillivray discusses Highlandness, Eager Doom and sound drowning itself.

Review: Michael Vincent Waller – The South Shore

Limelit intimacy and contemplation; a two-disc set of chamber works by the American composer.

Review: Phil Minton – A Doughnut’s End

Distress as phlegm, wheeze and sharp breath, in a new set of vocal improvisations.

Review: B O L T – ( 0 3 )

Bodily excavation for bass guitars, grim and resolute.

Review: AU79 – Opiłki i Makrostruktury

Toxic belches and dumpster rhythms – dance music assembled from discarded electronic waste.

Review: Western Skies Motel – Prism

Solo classical guitar, whose form and behaviour changes under the lens of repetition.

Review: Alex Ward Quintet – Glass Shelves And Floor

Intention en masse and the tease of premeditation: an improvised (?) collaboration between double bass, cello, clarinet and saxophone.

Review: Aires & Rui P. Andrade – Pânico-Ambiente

Two vivid harsh noise pieces: one as rainfall, the other as water submersion.

Review: Samogonka – The Importance Of Being Wasted

The violent twitches of incubation and inevitable death.

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