Archive for August, 2015

Review: Lisa Ulfves – Take Me By The Hand

Instrumental psychedelic pop for the snowglobe of the cranium.

Interview: Jennifer Walshe

Prior to her performance at Supernormal Festival earlier this month, Jennifer Walshe spoke to ATTN about her piece “The Total Mountain” and the potential parallels between performance art and comedic stand-up.

Review: Bird People + Waterflower – Split

Tension turned to slack; restless drone feeds into semi-conscious song.

Interview: CRAM Festival

The head curators at CRAM – a London-based improvisatory / new music collective – talk about their festival at Hundred Years Gallery this weekend.

Review: Möström – We Speak Whale

Boundlessness and bonelessness; a record of woodwind, squelchy electronics and colliding flavour contrasts.

Review: Duane Pitre – Bayou Electric

History hovers unseen amidst a new 48-minute piece.

Review: Kenneth Kirschner – Compressions & Rarefactions

Endlessness and restlessness: six hours of toeing the tightrope of drone.

Review: Michael Hix – Aeon

Framed tranquility from NYC; smiling cadences and semi-slumber.

Interview: Simon Coates (Tse Tse Fly)

The UAE-based sound artist introduces Tse Tse Fly: the first ever sound art club night in Dubai.

Review: Lu Katavist – Inburst

Microtonal slants and states of panic, in a curious improvisatory electronic work by Luka Höfler.

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