Archive for October, 2015

Review: Stephan Barrett – Sea . Forest . Wind

Body and instrument turn slack, as a piano seeks to embed itself within field recording.

Review: St. James Infirmary – An Antic Pause

Echoes folded over echoes; fine beams of light.

Review: Byron Westbrook – Precipice

Reverse-ghosts and loose electronic stitching.

Review: Jason Kahn – Songline

One lonely evening in the room of a former Swisscom telephone relay station.

Live: Matana Roberts + Eric Chenaux + Marcus Hamblett @ The Prince Albert in Brighton, 07/10/2015

The psychedelia of countryside morning air; dribbling proclamations of love; the immediate past trampled into lo-fi sediment.

Review: Dura – Living Color

Individual impacts and blanket pressure: two 20-minute pieces for guitar.

Review: Wil Bolton – Inscriptions

A beautiful contemplation on autumn’s slope of fade and decay.

Review: Rosalind Hall + Ada Rave – A Trail, A Texture

Two saxophone improvisations; woodwind yoga and feral snorts.

Review: Kostis Kilymis – Bethnal Greener

Audio specimens nudged with the back of a scalpel.

Interview: Ashley Paul

The American performer/composer talks to ATTN about the intimacy of performance, the unlearning of musical resolution and the parallels between composition and jewellery-making.

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