Archive for November, 2015

Review: Jon Mueller – A Magnetic Center

Common theme emerges from within a swamp of micro-decisions.

Review: Christopher Bissonnette – Pitch, Paper & Foil

A deliberate invitation to the dramatic side of chance; a hallucinatory depth of field.

Review: Lawrence Lek + Oliver Coates – Unreal Estate OST

An anonymous Chinese billionaire acquires the Royal Academy of Arts. It’s now a luxury Playboy mansion.

Review: PERILS – S/T

Ears and eyes in meditative respiration / memories bobbing to the surface of amnesia.

Review: Dead Fader – Glass Underworld

Emotional warmth circulates a cold, violently charged electronic scaffold.

Review: Jacob Kirkegaard – Arc

Transient illumination and shadow; history imbued with ambiguity and nuance.

Review: God Pussy – Animal

Three hours of harsh noise; putrid waste recycled into putrid waste.

Review: Ian William Craig – Cradle For The Wanting

A soup of voices. There are no hard surfaces.

Live: Ragnar Kjartansson – The Visitors @ Brewer Street Car Park in London, 13/11/2015

Of private performance and intimate musical unity.

Review: Seabuckthorn – They Haunted Most Thickly

A long walk through the forest; the warmth of a fire-heated home.

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