Archive for January, 2016

Review: Brave Timbers – Hope

Profound spatial empathy and invisible audiences, in a series of gentle interactions between guitar, piano and strings.

Review: JD Mason – Opalescent

Inward intimacy and dank space, in an album for fingerplucked guitars and peripheral chaos.

Review: Marcus Hamblett – Concrete

A strange mixture of meticulous orchestration and soft, spontaneous guitar work.

Review: Temple Maps – DEC15MBER 1: Cryogenic

Pixelated hip-hop nightmares and ambient panoramas crammed into boxes. Part of a five-chapter series of experimental music from Portland.

Review: Aluk Todolo – Voix

Restless krautrock momentum gains murderous self-awareness.

Review: Tag Cloud – A Footnote Of Sorts

Chris Videll bends broken wiring into beautiful shapes and sends high voltage flooding through them.

Review: Stinky Picnic – Minecraft

A bedroom psychedelia of manipulated percussion, coarse distortion and towering vocal loops.

Review: Māra – Surfacing

Beautiful vocal momentum and peripheral haunts, in a new solo work by Faith Coloccia.

Review: Eating Flowers – God Was A White-Tailed Deer

Vertical tension and the ripe crackle of otherwise aged tape.

Interview: Ingrid Plum

A conversation with a conceptual artist on the weight of silences, recording the wind and the charm of accident.

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