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Live: Michael Gira + Thurston Moore + Laura Cannell @ London Barbican, 30/03/2016

Three solo musicians project themselves into the grand space of the Barbican concert hall.

Review: Flaming Pines + Arash Akbari – Absence

A compilation of Iranian experimental music curated by Arash Akbari, released on Flaming Pines.

Interview: SM-LL

Martin J Thompson, co-founder of the SM-LL label, talks about the importance of repeatability and his intimate relationship with the Nord Modular.

Review: Garaliya – Ventricle Replicant

Techno pulse and hallucinogenic insect skitter.

Review: Godhole vs Crozier – Anthrophobia

Powerviolence reduced – via layers of harsh noise – to a dry husk of its former self.

Review: Bachorze – Okoły gnębione wiatrem

Lost purpose and collaborative argument for saxophone, objects, guitar and electronics.

Review: Akpatok – Two Winters, Two Springs

Minimalist interactions with hurdy gurdy, shepherd’s bells and gongs; hidden rewards for persevered listening.

Review: Tomas Phillips – Limit_Fold

Fishing for vibrant clarity in seas of monochrome obfuscation.

Interview: Richard J. Birkin

The UK composer / creative technologist discusses new album Vigils, piano restoration fantasies and combining HTML code with the musical stave.

Review: Sewer Election + Leda – MAAR

Two slithers of estrangement and mortal precipice.

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