Archive for April, 2016

Review: Genus Inkasso – Odd Little Gestures

A strange spool of sound and manipulation, threaded together without the obstruction of self-analysis.

Review: Mars-96 – Live At Dada

21 minutes of bitter noise-rock disputes from Russia.

Review: Himukalt – Conditions Of Acrimony

Noise and claustrophobia; sound as analogue husk and failed execution.

Review: Amute – Bending Time In Waves

Jérôme Deuson evokes the hazy memory of a rock record I used to adore.

Review: Maja S. K. Ratkje – Crepuscular Hour

Divine energy gushing in from the edges; a documented live performance for three choirs, six noise musicians and church organ.

Interview: Dälek

Will Brooks (aka MC Dälek) discusses new album “Asphalt For Eden” as the hip hop group emerge from hiatus.