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Live: 290516|MS[k]|TRw (Matthew Sergeant/Emma Lloyd + Tom Rose), The Yard Theatre & Club, London, 29/05/2016

ddmmyy present two long-form performance/installation pieces, rich in a detail about which I can only speculate.

Review: Ida Toninato – Strangeness Is Gratitude

Solo improvisations for saxophone in a Montreal church. Echolocation / emotionally-driven curiosity.

Review: Jockel Liess – Fluid Variations

A strange, ever-swaying wind chime of ambiguous mood states.

Review: Roarke Menzies – Corporeal

Machines of flesh, metal and the digitally immaterial.

Interview: ddmmyy (Tom Rose + Matthew Sergeant + Emma Lloyd)

This coming Sunday (May 29th), composer Matthew Sergeant will be presenting his installation/performance “[kiss]” at the Yard Theatre & Club in London. The piece consists of a 4-5 hour violin […]

Review: Masayuki Imanishi – Tone

Bubbles and hums of laboratory-bound microscopic observation.

Review: Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Beautiful Pigs, Disgusting Humans

Cramped spaces of perspirant slime and dismal weather.

Review: Angelina Yershova – Piano’s Abyss

The piano enters various states of solidity/liquidity/vaporosity.

Review: Lasse-Marc Riek – Schwarm

A small German town finds itself fogged by the incessant din of the flight corridor.

Review: Ned Milligan – Continental Burns

One half the ambience of eroded memory / one half the drones of vacated memory.

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