Archive for June, 2016

Review: Cecilia Quinteros + Wenchi Lazo – YAS

The gymnast and the scientist – cello and guitar improvisations from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Review: Linden Pomeroy – Ikiryo

Delay-driven amplifier singularities / chambers of melancholy.

Interview: Mohammad

Ahead of their performance at A L’ARME Festival in Berlin at the end of next month, the Greek duo talk about the possibilities of microtonal harmony and their gradual gravitation toward “pop music”.

Review: HAU – ii. ep

Drums drowning in slurries of noise. Deliriousness and excess.

Review: Chambers – Sigma Flare II

A dub-centric ballet of budding nature and crumbling industry.

Review: Oscillotron – Cataclysm

Astral misery and dystopian sci-fi prosthetics.

Review: The Pololáníks – The Suspicious Slumber Party

Cramped and manic improvisatory off-cuts.

Review: K.lust – Liven

Heady techno for the samsaric treadmill.

Review: Andrew Reddy – Spitting Broken Teeth And Mistranslations

Inner tectonic hostility and omnipresent natural decline.

Review: Chemiefaserwerk – Collagen

The transience of digital music, dragged back into the mess and the glue of physical media.

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