Archive for October, 2016

Review: Meridian Brothers – El Advenimiento Del Castillo Mujer

Bleating clarinets, spindles of plucked strings and clunky mallet percussion prop up little clusters of abstract folk. Originally released in 2006, rightfully repressed on Discrepant.

Interview: Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard

The Danish composer discusses his SOUND X SOUND project, the obliteration of musical power structures and a festival that will never happen.

Live: Organ Reframed – Daylight Music at Union Chapel in London, 08/10/2016

A selection of intimate performances for church organ and solo voice, as part of London’s Organ Reframed festival.

Review: Stuart Chalmers – Imaginary Musicks Vol. 5

Lonely tape extracts brought into rhythmic and atmospheric unity.

Review: Jessica Pavone – Silent Spills

Simple gestures for viola and FX. An ode to the nourishment of the present tense.

Interview: Robert Curgenven

Following the release of new album Climata, the Cork-based composer discusses the process of recording inside James Turrell’s Skyspaces, the elasticity of space and the sensation of dwelling within Nietzsche’s “eternal return”.

Review: Lärmshutz – Sleepcycles

Loose, often drowsy improvisation from Utrecht, using graphical representations of sleep measurements as a score.

Review: Dan O’Connor – IN/EX

17 short trumpet pieces exploring all the potential pathways of breath.

Review: Franck Vigroux – Rapport sur le Désordre

Industry, biomechanics, ubiquity. An ode to technological extremity.