Archive for December, 2016

Review: Off World – 1

A silhouette escaping the illumination of misfired understanding. Not an album of Wild Western retro-synthesiser jams.

Review: Benjamin Finger – Ghost Figures

Life returns to an old abandoned piano. Melodies press through the resistance of stiff joints and withered muscle fibre.

Interview: KIP

The Israeli trio discuss reinvention, stopping time and music as pure energy.

Review: Kentin Jivek – No Age

Bleak folk songs in three languages, navigating landscapes of regret and imminent collapse.

Review: Chromesthetic – S/T

An over-saturation of psychedelic overdrive. Listening and channelling, channelling and listening.

Review: Rough Fields + YTAC + Youryourholiholinessness – EISHAUS4

Techno in freefall / subzero /refuge / prismic death.

Interview: Christine Ott

The French pianist and composer discusses the inspiration of water flow, the process of collaborating with moving images and the release of her soundtrack to the 1931 silent film Tabu,

Review: Vapor Lanes – Hieratic Teen

A space travel fiction arising from the overlap between creative willpower and digital pretending.

Review: Billy Gomberg – Slight At That Contact

Tentative distortion and electronics. A process of unfurling and awakening.

Interview: Line Gøttsche

The Danish singer/composer discusses the elasticity of classical music and the transitional utility of sleep.

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