Archive for January, 2017

Review: Phil Maguire – aural documents #1

Circular blots, jagged rectangular hedges. Noise and digital clarity.

Review: Consumer. + The Translucent Spiders – CON / TRA

C60 tape split between two Portland noise artists. Ladders leading out of bedroom windows.

Interview: Morten Poulsen

The Danish sound artist talks about the ubiquity of internet monitoring, digital manners and new project Dark Web.

Review: Émilie Girard-Charest – Avec

Taut improvisation and sweet relief, courtesy of the Montréal cellist and a host of collaborators.

Feature: Review of 2016

Contemplating another year of inspirational interviewees, flashes of nostalgia and new directions.

Review: Dana Jessen – Carve

A bassoon alternating between extended trips into the unknown and fierce, improvised assertions of self.

Review: aeon – Correspondances

Ambient vapours, techno insistence, trinkets of musique concrète.

Interview: Uniform

Vocalist Michael Berdan talks about meeting the demands of the music, returning to the breath and new album “Wake In Fright”.

Review: Radionics Radio – An Album Of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies

Thought patterns translated into constellations of alternate tuning.

Review: richardaingram – Valehouse

Tape decay, dismal day.

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