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Review: Num.Lock – ##1 Versions

Negative exposure and metronomic techno congealment, in a collection of remixes of Num.Lock’s ##1 EP.

Event: Clusters + Finglebone + No Context @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 06/03/2017

ATTN:Magazine and Wimbourne Contemporary Arts present an evening of ambient blurs and murmurs.

Interview: Alan Courtis

The exploratory Argentinean musician discusses microtonal guitar, Pauline Oliveros and new record “Los Galpones”.

Review: Sean McCann – Music For Public Ensemble

Sounds drawn to me and sounds drawn to eachother, in a collaboration between 35 musicians and singers.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 1 (24/01/2017)

The first edition of the ATTN:Magazine radio show: an interview with Pan Y Rosas Discos and a selection of ATTN’s favourite cuts from 2016.

Review: Sarah Hennies + Cristián Alvear – Orienting Response

Imperfect action (acoustic guitar) encircles the exactitude of conceptual premise (composition).

Interview: Michaela Antalová

The Oslo-based drummer discusses the advantages of recording in corridors, the creation of curves and new EP Oblak Oblek Oblúk.

Review: Moon Relay – Full Stop Etc.

Multi-faceted rock that refuses to reconcile.

Review: All Trees Are Clocks – S/T

Cello and voice engage in quiet interplay with the sounds of the New Forest, in an understated observation of an ecosystem in decline.

Interview: Julia Reidy

With the release of her new album Dawning On, the Berlin-based guitarist discusses intuitive tuning, psychoacoustic ideas and really nice rooms.

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