Archive for April, 2017

Live: Sumac + Oxbow @ The Dome in London, 25/04/2017

Two bands deftly wielding disorder, dissonance and undulating time.

Review: Strom Noir – Malovane Kvety + Xeroxové Motýle

Time at different speeds. Atmospheres I cannot see.

Interview: Slowpitch

The Toronto sci-fi turntablist discusses loudness through movement, physical triggers and new album “THK SKN”.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 4 (25/04/2017)

An interview with Amsterdam’s Moving Furniture Records, plus a selection of indistinct pieces.

Review: Izanasz – Fāl​-​gūsh

Collages of hope, horror and logic run slack. An hour-long nocturnal outpouring.

Interview: Shiva Feshareki

The turntablist/composer discusses circular movement, Deep Listening and her new project involving Lee Gamble, Éliane Radigue and a cave in the Peak District.

Review: Agnes Hvizdalek – Index

Vocal improvisations from the bottom of a 60-foot chimney. Clasping at the clacking, self-harmonising extremes of vocal improvisation.

Live: Emptyset @ DRAF Studio in London, 07/04/2017

Architecture, sculpture and vibration collide, in a new performance commission by the London/Berlin duo.

Review: break_fold – 07_07_15 – 13_04_16

Instrumental skylines of dub and euphoric electro-pop.

Interview: Sarah Feldman

The Montreal composer discusses physical modelling synthesis, rediscovering pop and the creation of “puzzle-like music”.

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