Archive for May, 2017

Review: Demen – Nektyr

Wretched ballads in unlit church basements.

Review: Tom Hall – Fervor

A technological cityscape in construction. One thousand undiagnosed electronic faults.

Interview: Will Mason (Happy Place)

The New York drummer/composer discusses sleeplessness, the attainment of trance states and new album “Northfield”.

Review: Dino Spiluttini – To Be A Beast

Sounds burning up as they push through the atmosphere. Tape loops renewed with present tense purpose.

Review: Daniel Bennett – Roil

Tactile depth and architectural quiver. Four pieces of beautifully shaped electronic synthesis.

Review: Sult + Lasse Marhaug – Harpoon

Broken nails, mangled instruments, medieval torture racks. Gruesomely tactile acoustic improvisation from Norway.

Interview: Diessa

The Cheltenham-based producer discusses tape machine hiss, YouTube rips and new EP “Breathe, Repeat”.

Review: ADPC – There Is No Conclusion

An exquisite improvisatory theatre of dead-ends, double-drums and roof leakages.

Interview: Akatombo

Paul Thomsen Kirk discusses endless chatter, Hiroshima boat yards and new Akatombo album, Short Fuse.

Review: Slomo – Transits

Immaculate night-sky ambiences for guitar and synth. The mystique of unfathomable distance and the innate desire to explore it.