Archive for July, 2017

Review: Mike Majkowski – Days And Other Days

Materials I recognise, all behaving in ways I don’t understand.

Review: Nac/Hut Report – Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia

Dismal, crumbling optimism from the Polish duo of Brigitte Roussel and Li/ese/Li.

Crucial Listening #4: Richard Youngs

Cold War paranoia, modular rock, Bieber vs The Stones. The ever-prolific, ever-eclectic English musician discusses his three important albums.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 7 (25/07/2017)

Alex McLean of Algorave discusses the extended self, anticipating change and celebrating failure. Also: a lost iPod resurfaces.

Interview: Sarmistha Talukdar (Tavishi)

With the release of her new album “Boundaries”, Indian scientist/composer Sarmistha Talukdar discusses data sonification, amino acid sequences and the innate tensions of life.

Review: Broken Thoughts – Realign

A dreaded electronic awakening. Half-thoughts rolling off the edge of an ellipsis.

Review: Jelena Glazova + Marta SmiLga – Split

The unknowns of within and beyond: a Liminal Noise Records split between two musicians based in Rīga, Latvia.

Crucial Listening #3: Lasse Marhaug

The Norwegian noise musician discusses running up stairs, understated drumming and pushing beyond the boundaries of metal music.

Interview: Northumbria

The panoramic ambient duo discuss the Norse discovery of Canada, strict minimalism and new album “Markland”.

Review: Far Rainbow – The Power Of Degenerated Matter

Humidity and gradual paralysis. A 44-minute collaboration between drums and electronics.

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