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Review: Sharif Sehnaoui + Adam Golebiewski – Meet The Dragon

Materials smothered and wrenched, in an improvisatory duet on UZNAM.

Interview: Nomadic Female DJ Troupe

The London improvisatory trio discuss pilates pumps, malfunctioning equipment and their double cassette “Mix One”.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 8 (29/08/2017)

Phoene Somsavath discusses the origins, experiences and ideas behind FRM-AT: a label, booking agency and event series based in Glasgow. Also: an interview with my brother.

Review: Enderie – Tape 1

Dogged hand-built techno with perished seams.

Review: Mike Caratti + Rachel Musson + Steve Beresford – Hesitantly Pleasant

Drums, piano, saxophone. Stagger and stumble built from deft improvisatory choreography.

Live: Sarah Davachi + An Trinse + Recsund @ Rye Wax in London, 10/08/2017

Refracted certainties and irrefutable hums. An evening of music at Peckham’s Rye Wax.

Crucial Listening #6: David Grubbs

Post-punk hurled at a wall, intellectual slapstick, the loops of life. The Brooklyn-based composer and author discusses three important albums.

Review: Luna + Tarnovski – S/T

Members of Baba Vanga and Gurun Gurun. Listeners in slumber.

Interview: Ewa Justka

Ahead of her appearance at The Audacious Art Experiment’s Rare Synergy LAN Gathering 2017, Ewa Justka talks neon synthesisers, pre-transistor technology and weird acid techno.

Interview: Nordra

Monika Khot on confronting discomfort, purging hatred and her new album on SIGE.

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