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Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 10 (31/10/2017)

Ian Hawgood of the Home Normal label joins ATTN for a playlist and an interview. Also – a discussion with one of the founders of Ting Shuo Hear Say: an organisation and community based in Taiwan, centred on sound art and the act of listening.

Interview: Yeah You

With the release of their new album Krutch, the Newcastle duo discuss self-insult, lorry driver kudos and leaving the handbrake off.

Interview: Chiyou Ding

In the next part of ATTN’s TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PREVIEW, the London-based sound hobbyist discusses dance music, carbonara and his plans for his performance at Café Oto.

Review: Mia Zabelka – Cellular Resonance

Visceral violin drones. Churns and quakes. A life-force that predates me.

Interview: Yen-Tzu Chang

In the second part of our TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC event preview, media artist Yen-Tzu Chang discusses emotional privacy, her relationship with material and the expression of childhood memories.

Review: List Of Moths – S/T

Profoundly mangled electronica. Way, way down the staircase. The debut release of the Turlin label.

Crucial Listening #10: Aaron Turner

Playing with earthlings, bent fretboards, the St Anger challenge. The Washington-based musician discusses three important albums.

Interview: Byron Westbrook

The New York-based musician discusses proto-VR, productive procrastination and new record “Body Consonance”.

Review: Roger Tellier Craig – Instantanés

Consequence, urgency, interconnectivity. Deliberative musique concréte compressed into the present tense.

Review: Mingle – Ephemeral

Strange fog and irrefutable machinery.

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