Archive for September, 2019

Crucial Listening #46: Kyoka

Vocal frequency doppelgängers, selling souls to the devil, kick roll anthems. The Berlin-based producer discusses three important albums.

Review: J. Pavone String Ensemble – Brick And Mortar

Unity and its deliberate undoing. Two violins, two violas.

Event: Good Weather For An Airstrike + Minus Pilots + Upward @ OTTO Print x Coffee House in Bournemouth, 14/11/2019

ATTN:Magazine and Champion Version present an evening of graceful dispersal.

Review: Mára – Here Behold Your Own

The emergence of a new self. The shedding of superfluity.

Crucial Listening #45: Pharmakon

Mischievous imps, spirit animals of the ethos, uncomfortable trance states. The New York noise musician talks about three important albums.

Review: Aseptic Stir – Year Of Detachment

A flock of spotlights upon the body.

Review: Chow Mwng – Bo Rane

Acoustic guitar, voice and other. The improvisatory leakage of a mind in neutral.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 26 (01/09/2019)

Host Jack Chuter asks musicians to share a story about a profound live music experience, from a Daft Punk stadium spectacular to a 30-hour experimental music marathon.

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