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Crucial Listening #53: Okkyung Lee

The case for BTS, a complicated relationship to jazz, wasted birthday improvisations. The cellist, composer and improviser discusses three important albums.

Review: Conatus – Empty Spaces

Freeflowing obscurities by Delphine Dora and Žils Deless-Vēliņš.

Review: Deep Thoukus – S/T

Skimming improvisations for guitar and drums, courtesy of two renowned Norwegian improvisers.

Review: Elnath Project – Feedback Works

No-input mixer. Autophagic theorising.

Review: Wojtek Traczyk – Runo

Prepared solo double bass. Fatigue and disrepair.

Crucial Listening #52: J.J. Anselmi

Black Sabbath backseat boombox, clearing the room with Melvins, 100 miles of Neurosis. The author of Doomed To Fail: The Incredibly Loud History Of Doom, Sludge And Post-Metal discusses three important albums.

Review: Kris Force – Cascade

The hum that binds the mountain to its perceiver.

Review: Competition – Repetititive Music

Pre-emptive disrepair.

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