Archive for January, 2022

Crucial Listening #95: Victoria Shen (evicshen)

Totality in music, lyrical homicide, destroyed Barbie dolls. The experimental music performer and instrument-maker discusses three important albums.

Review: Xena Glas – Body

Fractured focal points and energy in reverse; a reflection on Xena Glas’ lived experience with autism.

Review: Nyokabi Kariũki – peace places: kenyan memories

Collages of homely environment and recollective refraction.

Hard Return: African Ghost Valley – SEASONS

Six tracks of symbiotic nature and interwoven time.

Review: Uraño – BARRAGE

Amplified drums and FX-bloated bass navigating all manner of rhythmic calimities.

Crucial Listening #94: Martin J Thompson

VHS basslines, definitive ambient, record shopping in Woolworths. The London-based musician and anarchist discusses three important albums.

Feature: Records Of 2021

A selection of records I’ve enjoyed in 2021.

Crucial Listening #93: Yan Jun

Everybody against everybody, the left hand of the Qin master, tin can Beatles. The Beijing-based musician and poet talks about three important albums.

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