Archive for May, 2022

Review: FINAL – It Comes To Us All

A beautiful undermining of the glittered vitality of commercial pop.

Review: KMRU + Aho Ssan – Limen

The power of the apocalyptic forecast.

Crucial Listening #103: Hinako Omori

Myspace discoveries, kaleidoscopic sonics, the beam shining through. The Yokohama-born, London-based producer discusses three important albums.

Review: Terry Jennings – Piece For Cello And Saxophone

An astonishing 84 minutes for solo cello, justly intonated by LaMonte Young.

Crucial Listening #102: Biliana Voutchkova

Reaching beyond our world, the thing in all its magnificence, the butterfly on your hand. The violinist, composer, improviser and interdisciplinary artist discusses three important albums.

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