Archive for July, 2022

Crucial Listening #108: Chloe Alexandra Thompson

Feedback as praxis, weird fragments, the first true drone show. The Cree, Canadian, interdisciplinary artist and sound designer discusses three important albums.

Review: Jenny Berger Myhre – Here Is Always Somewhere Else

Uncanny repetitions and “sonic postcards” between friends, bound by the theme of discontinuity.

Review: Amirtha Kidambi + Luke Stewart – Zenith/Nadir

Two improvisatory musicians camp out on the extremes in this wonderful collection for vocals and variously facilitated low frequencies.

Crucial Listening #107: Cremation Lily

Black metal vs Aphex Twin, sad tape loops, the best screamo of all time. The UK-based artist and multi-instrumentalist discusses three important albums.

Review: Scarcity – Aveilut

Black metal rendered in 72-note octaves and spectral overtones, forever reaching beyond its own limits.

Review: Rocio Zavala – Invisible Miracles

Power surging in circles, with self-made instruments using light and body-born electricity.

Review: Sun Yizhou – Heresy

No-input pre-amp and radio, whiling away time in a waiting room for nowhere.

Crucial Listening #106: MC Dälek

Earth-shifting philosophies, wordless shoegaze treasures, cinematic heartache. The MC and producer discusses three important albums.

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