Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 10 (31/10/2017)

Album cover for Vár by Ghost And Tape

Ian Hawgood of the Home Normal label joins ATTN for a playlist and an interview. Also – an extended conversation with one of the founders of Ting Shuo Hear Say: an organisation and community based in Taiwan, centred on sound art and the act of listening.


1) Federico Durand – Pléyades (from the album Tour Tapes out April 2018)
2) Chihei Hatakeyama – ‘White Light’ (from the album A Long Journey)
3) ghost and tape – Vár (from the album Vár)
4) Jason van Wyk – Clouds (from the album Opacity)
5) Sontag Shogun and Moskitoo – The Things We Let Fall Apart (from The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan out November 15th)
6) Tobias Hellkvist – Vintergatan (from the album Everything Is Connected)
7) offthesky – Hand Held Lightly (from the album Hiding Nature)
8) Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury – VI (from the album Faintly Recollected out January 2018)
9) Stefano Guzzetti – Be my shelter (from the album Short stories – Piano Book (Vol 2) out February (Japan) March (Rest of the World) 2018)
10) James Murray – Footsteps (from the album Killing Ghosts)
11) Michael Santos – Hollowing Out (from the album Memory Maker)

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