HARD RETURN is a record label from ATTN:Magazine, dedicated to releasing extremely repetitive/persistent music.

T-shirts available here, with all profits going to the Trussell Trust.

Follow Hard Return on Bandcamp, Twitter and Instagram.

Demos welcome: hardreturn [AT] attnmagazine [DOT] co [DOT] uk


Slow Blink – The Place (9th June 2022)

“For some, Slow Blink expresses a kind of liminality that ignites past experiences. The Place is a series of tracks that explore the nostalgia of childhood hideouts. My sisters and I had a secret reservoir to which we’d bike; it had all of the ingredients integral to uninhibited freedom: isolation, rebellion, and a code name, The Place. Our retreat was forbidden fruit to the banality of air-conditioned living rooms. The Place captures a yearning for escape to somewhere else without coordinates or constraints.”

-Slow Blink

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