Review: Cecilia Lopez + Wenchi Lazo – BISPONIBLE


Everything is fair game. In the absence of a self-censorship that usually mediates the traversal from “thinking” to “doing”, the electronic improvisations of Lopez and Lazo capture very flash of fiery whim: the most clunky keyboard melodies, the most garish phaser sweeps, the sudden leaps in volume, the false starts. The listener hears the ideas that fit perfectly with the surrounding activity, but also hears those tentative gestures that fizzle out like astral matter burning up on atmospheric entry. Regardless of success or failure, the pieces move on quickly – motifs that could easily be explored across 10+ minutes are granted 30 seconds in which to squiggle and flex through space, after which the duo return to frantically riding the dials in search of something new.

As a result, the record rolls around in a state of semi-completion, hashing out sketches and abandoning the colouring-in, constantly ripping out pages of the pad to reveal a blank sheet beneath – driven not by a dissatisfaction with the current idea, but a frenzied adoration for generation-from-scratch – those initial etchings into stark white. The whole thing is incredibly playful yet never casual. Clearly, creative intensity isn’t synonymous with a calcification of the reflexes; BISPONIBLE sloshes and spills with haphazard excitement and does absolutely nothing to refine its execution, instead pouring neon-coloured dyes through every glorious orifice of the trial-and-error process. Endlessly fabulous.

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