Interview: All Time Low Productions

The pairing of Oren Ambarchi and Philip Jeck at Corsica studios is bound to be a special one. Both artists share an intense interest in crafting and manipulating timbre and sound sources, yet contrast drastically in their means and end result; Ambarchi working within the purity of resonant bass tones with soft electronic clicks and pops bouncing on the sound waves, and Jeck transforming a record player into an incredibly expansive and versatile instrument, whilst still retaining the hiss and crackle that fires life and warmth into his creations. Presenting the concert is London-based All Time Low Productions, who have jumped on the chance to have two pioneering sound artists on the Corsica stage. “Ambarchi and Jeck are two of the foremost practitioners in their musical fields who share common threads whilst being completely different” says Tom Relleen, founder of All Time Low. “I am very excited to be able to put them on the same bill together.”

This is a prime example of how Tom approaches his gig programming and line-up selections – harnessing artists who simultaneously share and contrast in creative mindset, managing to offer both variety and continuity. “It’s important to try and make something special and original. For instance, putting Trad Gras Och Stenar with Voice of the Seven Thunders – a legendary band from the 60s and a new band, who share a lot of connections musically even though they formed in different countries and about three decades apart.”

It’s all good and well dreaming up creative line-up choices – Tom ensures that ATL offers an attractive service with artist satisfaction and welfare firmly in mind, allowing him to actually realise them. It’s something he feels is neglected by many other promoters in London, with his experiences as a musician himself highlighting a potential reason why many bands feel deterred from playing live in the capital. “I have played in bands myself for many years and have travelled all over the world. The UK has pretty much the worst standards when it comes to fees, hospitality and general experience for a band. As a Londoner I decided I was duty-bound to raise the standards for the artists who come here, since if the band are happy then they will perform better and the atmosphere of the gig will likewise improve.”

Another key feature of All Time Low is its strong relationships with various venues, illustrators, bookers and bands. Between them they form an interdependent network, pooling their talents and creating a mass collective working to galvanise the London music scene. “In a few situations we have been able to remove the financial aspect completely and just pay each other with our respective creative work, which is very much a utopian ideal for me – a communal spirit across many media that produces creative work.”

One particular venue ATL holds strong ties with is Corsica Studios, modestly tucked behind Elephant and Castle shopping centre, which is due to host the aforementioned Ambarchi and Jeck line-up on July 1st. “I don’t think I know another venue in London who will have a techno club night, a psyche rock gig and an art exhibition all in the same week.” says Tom. “They also have a first-class PA which is essential for Oren Ambarchi’s performance!” It’s a claim I can whole-heartedly support having seen the slo-mo shoegaze/drone hybrid of Nadja at the venue last year, with the crystal-clear PA and intimate venue size allowing the sound to swamp the space from all sides and circle the audience as a colossally immersive force.

The gig will be followed by more ATL events later on in July, including two nights of music at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s club. El Gran Chufle will be gracing the venue on the 22nd presenting what Tom describes as “a Chilean band who somehow fuse elements of surf-rock, drone and chanteuse into something wholly wonderful and bewildering.” Marvelous.

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