HARD RETURN is a record label from ATTN:Magazine, dedicated to releasing extremely repetitive/persistent music.

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Hardworking Families – Find Out What I Got
A playful prising-open of a classic 70s rock cut, taking 15 seconds of sampled source material and stretching it into 15 minutes of adoring appraisal. "Poor Man Wanna Be Rich" is a shifting loop of the opening drum fill, prolonging the anticipation of the full band kicking in, teasing the opening chord through a slow unveiling of split-second snippets. "Rich Man Wanna Be King" loiters in the bridge before the final chorus, its beautiful melody rendered in a rudimentary stop-motion of piano keys and duetting hums. We're in the valleys of the anthem here, highlighting the moments of expectancy and subdual that bring power to the big chorus.

Hardworking Families is Tom Bench’s solo sound-play interrogation. Sourcing textures from particular corners of circuits, objects, instruments and the wider world, the Hardworking process takes its time to layer, marinate and knot sounds together. Various abstractions.