Review: Kirill – Ah

Crucial Listening #61: MJ Guider

Photography by Craig Mulcahy

Review: Babe, Terror – Horizogon

Disparate spaces in amalgam. Bleary-headed sickness.

Review: Ryoko Akama – Grey (Gray)

A contemplation on “a colour without colour”, with performances by Bonnie Jones (electronics) and Rodolphe Loubatière (snare drum).

Review: Kirill – Ah

Pounding, hissing distorted techno from Belarus.

Crucial Listening #61: MJ Guider

Banning all cymbals, post-hardcore road trips, low frequency earworms. The New Orleans musician discusses three important albums.

Review: Miki Yui – Aperio!

Gentle movements, deepening attention, no source context.

Review: Alejandro Morse – Aftermath

Magma flow and cracked earth.

Crucial Listening #60: Tavishi

The omnipresence of data, Bandcamp soul/sound-searching, goofy classical. The scientist, artist and community organiser discusses three important albums.

Review: mHz – sometime after two, somewhere else

A single synthesiser chord sweeps through modulations of shape and placement.

Review: Ellen Fullman + Theresa Wong – Harbors

Cello and Long String Instrument convey the duality of a coastal observer and the water before them.

Review: Hamed Mafakheri – Durations

War and the poetic potency of memory.