Crucial Listening #14: Shiva Feshareki


Interview: The Body

Interview: Patrick Shiroishi


Crucial Listening #14: Shiva Feshareki

Ever-ascending love, walls of bass, deep listening on the Northern line. The London-based composer/experimental turntablist discusses three important compositions.

Live: Colleen + Slows @ St John on Bethnal Green in London, 09/12/2017

Slipping in amongst the dots / sinking into the ocean. A night of quiet electronics courtesy of Baba Yaga’s Hut.

Review: Andreas Brandal + Continental Fruit – S/T

Feverish, celestial distractions clogging the free-flow of thought.

Interview: The Body

Drummer Lee Buford discusses the weight of expectation, breaking the boredom of live performance and the second collaborative record with Full Of Hell.

Review: Lucía Chamorro – Luna Anfibia

Ruptured everyday experiences. Stifled strings, blurred birdsong and muffled ears.

Review: Gail Priest – Heraclitus In Iceland

Turbulent natural forces. Analogies to change and departure.

Interview: Patrick Shiroishi

The LA-based saxophonist discusses dark times, screaming into the horn and new album “Tulean Dispatch”.

Review: Manuella Blackburn – Petites Étincelles

Seemingly scattershot collages of obsession and dream-state.

Crucial Listening #13: Audrey Chen

Blockhead rainbow afghan, improvisational philosophy, biological instruments. The Berlin-based improviser talks about three important albums.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 11 (28/11/2017)

List Of Moths joins ATTN to talk about creation in solitude and his latest EP. Also: thoughts on dancing.