Ongoing: Fleshlicker – S/T

Ongoing: Vanessa Tomlinson – The Space Inside

1: The inversion process. Tam-tam and bass drum.

Ongoing: Audrey Chen – Runt Vigor

3: “Heavy In The Hand”, and a yearning for the whole.

Ongoing: Fleshlicker – S/T

2: Liquid gold upon fractured concrete.

Ongoing: Sumac – Love In Shadow

3: Decoding the emotional status of that devastating final track.

Ongoing: Black Spirituals – Black Access/Black Axes

4: The lethargy and emaciation of “Pan”, and how I came to love it.

Feature: Music Without Edges – Thoughts On Digital Listening

Pushing back against the degradation of deep listening.

Ongoing: Laurel Halo – Raw Silk Uncut Wood

4: Learning the winding path of the title track.

Slowing Down / Starting Again

A muse on the difficulty of reconciling writing and listening, plus some thoughts on the return of ATTN.

Crucial Listening #27: Christina Vantzou

Sneaking into the galaxy bar, bubbles in the park, 69 occurrences of time. The Brussels-based composer talks about three important albums.

Crucial Listening #26: Ziúr

Raw character, true divas, emergency dentistry. The Berlin-based producer and DJ discusses three important albums.