Crucial Listening #85: Nyokabi Kariũki

Crucial Listening #84: Robert Curgenven

Photo by Kathleen McDowall

Review: Jamaica!! Meets Sly & The Family Drone – Celebrating The End Together In The Good Time Swamp

16 players, all the drums, chicaning trains, multidirectional frenzy.

Crucial Listening #85: Nyokabi Kariũki

Lost souls in a fishbowl, lushness and harmony, sanza psychedelia. The Kenyan composer and performer discusses three important albums.

Review: Stephan Barrett + Sylvia Hallett – River . Pathway . Static

“Railway trains only begin to exist when they are derailed…” – Georges Perec, The Infra-Ordinary (1973).

Crucial Listening #84: Robert Curgenven

Cannonball of musicians being shot at a staircase, flying across the top of the mosh, sunlight in the white room. The Ireland-based, Australian-born artist discusses three important albums.

Radio: Hard Return on CAMP – 11/08/2021

The debut Hard Return radio show on CAMP.

Crucial Listening #83: crys cole

Resonating glass, the arsehole of Western music, shopping mall avant garde. The nomadic sound maker discusses three important albums.

Review: Minna Koskenlahti – Toinen/Other

Breaths threaded between thumps and scurries of percussion.

Review: Deli Kuvveti – Even After

Orchestral drools, electronic flecks and vital ambiguity.

Crucial Listening #82: Lauren Sarah Hayes

Out-of-time ska, home alone raves, smashing together American music. The live electronics improviser discusses three important albums.

Review: hyacinth. – Hold Onto Love

Staring out over the water. Waiting for the call to resume.