Crucial Listening #59: Only Now (Kush Arora)

Review: Ellen Fullman + Theresa Wong – Harbors

Cello and Long String Instrument convey the duality of a coastal observer and the water before them.

Review: Hamed Mafakheri – Durations

War and the poetic potency of memory.

Crucial Listening #59: Only Now (Kush Arora)

Dub reggae masterclass, cacophonous veganism, ambient treasure troves. The musician and producer discusses three important albums (and an honourable mention).

Review: Saturn And The Sun – The New Age Is Shit

Dead-end pulses and no-input disappointment.

Crucial Listening #58: KMRU

Waves of timelessness, electromagnetic chandelier recordings, Minilogue improvisations. The Nairobi-based sound artist discusses three (well, four) important albums.

Review: Tomoko Hojo + Rahel Kraft – Shinonome

Dawn walking and porous consciousness.

Review: PARSA – Musique Grossière

Computer artefacts in bloated 3D. Jellified interstice.

Review: Nazanin Noori – FARCE

80 minutes of ash clouds, metallic diagonals and heated pothole debates.

Crucial Listening #57: J. Zunz

Fearless four-track improvisations, spiritual jazz recurrence, manipulations of passing time. Lorena Quintanilla discusses three important albums.

Review: Amnertia – Scheiner’s Observation

Seven pieces of scrunched-up time.
Guitar shards, blown-out drum machines and processed poetry.