Crucial Listening #92: Olivia Block

Crucial Listening #92: Olivia Block

Liturgical lullaby, canine concrète, a chess game that never ends. The Chicago-based media artist and composer talks about three important albums.

Olivia’s picks:

Alèmu Aga – Éthiopiques 11: The Harp Of King David
Beatriz Ferreyra – Huellas Entreveradas
Morton Feldman – For Samuel Beckett

Honourable mention: Kim Jung Mi – Now

Olivia’s new album, Innocent Passage In The Territorial Sea, is out now on Room40. Check it out on Bandcamp here. Her website is here.

ATTN is also honoured to premiere the video for “Laika”, directed by Deborah Stratman:

Olivia also mentioned another record in the Éthiopiques series: Piano Solo by Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou. As well as Feldman’s For Samuel Beckett, she also recommends his work Coptic Light.

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