Interview: Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields)

First of all – how are you?

I’m very good, just back home in Sweden after a trip to France. Been in the alps to play at the Hadra Festival. Also went to Lyon to finalizing the mastering of my new album [ Altered ] – Second Movements.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on various things at the same time (as usual). I just finished on one my new albums. I made some remixes for other artists (Abakus and some artists from Warner Music Sweden). I’m also in the beginning phase of designing an audio samples series. I recently rebuilt my Studio. I’m finalising my second release for this year – [ Origin 1 ].

 You’ve got a few festival appearances coming up soon. Do you enjoy taking your music live?

Yes, for sure, this is the occasion to meet fans and new audience, share my music, try new tracks, revisit older stuff.

How do the crowd tend to react to your music at your performances?

It depends on what kind of show I do. At ambient gigs, most of the people in the front tend to dance, and around people are sitting down and chilling with the music. With my progressive sets, the crowd is dancing much more.

How does the compositional process work for you?

It often starts with a small sound that opens up the door for inspiration. I never know in the beginning what direction the track will take. I love to explore all my machines, take details and develop them to sounds I’ve never heard before.

Is there a certain environment that works best for you when composing your music?

To be home in my studio is the best for me. I built up this specific place during many years and I know my machines perfectly well. I feel comfortable and in accordance with this environment.

I saw that you refer to Solar Fields as developing an “evolving dream”. What do you mean by that?

I guess that the listener is a huge part in the track and decide where it goes when it comes to feelings and emotions after listening.

What would you say is the optimum listening environment for your music?

Everywhere, from the sofa with headphones to a cruising trip in the car. Morning coffee, evening alone or with friends. It’s not up to me to decide what is the optimum moment. I think my music can be listened from background music to pure immersive experience.

 I noticed that you collaborate with Aes Dana for your project H.U.V.A. Network. How easy do you find collaborating?

All goes really smoothly when we compose, we have a lot of different ideas that we put together and evolve. Each album, or each composition time brings new explorations. Sometimes we work from my studio in Goteborg, sometimes from his Studio in Lyon and quite often via the internet. We just recently thought about our third studio album and we agree that it will be a huge barbecue! The first basis are found, now we will take our time to develop the songs.

Do you have a composition that you’re most proud of?

No, not really any specific ones. If I need to pick one it would be the track “Sol” featuring Krister Linder for vocals. The track is not released yet but i recently uploaded it to youtube. It is really interesting how the vocal turns the track to something completely new.

Which artists are you listening to at the moment?

“Manual – Drowned In Light” gets played a lot at home at the moment. This is a fantastic album. “Hammock  – Chasing After Shadows… Living With The Ghosts”, also an amazing album.

Anything else coming up for you in the next few months?

A couple of festivals and gigs are in the pipeline and my next albums and some surprises.

When can we expect to see the next Solar Fields release?

In a couple of weeks for [ Altered ] and [ Origin 1 ] in a couple of months , both to be released on Ultimae.

Releases by Solar Fields can be purchased at Ultimae.

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