Jack Chuter Mastering

I offer music mastering on a pay-what-you-can scale, with an emphasis on being affordable/accessible. As a guideline you might pay £10 per track/song, but whatever works for you is fine by me – no judgement.

If you’re interested, reach out to me at jack[at]attnmagazine.co.uk with MASTERING in the subject line and we can talk more.

“Jack gets my highest possible recommendation for all your mastering needs across a wide spectrum of styles. He will make your tracks achieve their full sonic potential and sound awesome. He is great at helping you identify how you want your final tracks to sound and is particularly helpful if, like me, you struggle with articulation about music and the technical side. He always keeps you up to date on progress and turns things around ahead of time.” Charlie Butler

Examples of previous mastering work:

Sun Yizhou – 毁了 (Ruin)
Neutraliser – Capsule Bowed Space
Angela Winter – Frost
Knifedoutofexistence – I Find Myself Dwelling On The Sick
Tim Olive – The Unmoved Mover
excel dj – phishermen
Haq123 – Six Sick Hits, A Number Of Beats
Charlie Butler – Deep Space