Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 21 (07/04/2019)

ATTN’s Jack Chuter presents a selection of sonic curiosities and invites each of the artists featured to talk about the experience of recording one particular instrument. Expect happy accidents with piles of clothes, last chances with borrowed lutes and erased presets for bass-heavy harmonisers.


Amma Ateria – Vielä
Aymeric De Tapol – Flutexus
Beachers – Sapir Whorf
Aidan Baker / Faith Coloccia / Jon Mueller – See Through
Liz Hogg – This Is Trash
Nancy Drone – Counter-Productive
Naomi Jackson – 9
Oli Bailey – Eibsea
Penance Stare – Nux Vomica
Petrolio – La Maladie Connue
Rokaia Jedir – L E A D E R S
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – This Side Of Paradise
Liz Meredith – 1. (from Repro)
A Death Cinematic – Slowly Cave In The Heart Under The Setting Sun