Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 22 (05/05/2019)

Host Jack Chuter asks musicians to describe the environment in which they make their music: the physical spaces, equipment and ritualised behaviours that accompany the act of creating sound.


Chris Otchy – Minimum Feed
Lilt Elision – Vicente
Lavie – Luvbirdz
NacHut Report – Międzyczas
Corey Fuller – Hymn For The Broken
Phantoms Vs Fire – Mirage
HRNS – Swan Palace
Petra – Ul
Savvas Metaxas – Dark
V-stók – Primordial Soup
Ekin Fil – Pattern Visitors
Focus Group LLC – Preamble And First Part
Cloud Diameter – 11.6 KM
Burning Axis – Gates Of Ether Gates Of Air
Nkisi – V