Review: 33 - Demo

It hasn’t been a bad start for Welsh hardcore outfit 33. In the past few months, the band have solidified a line-up, recorded eight tracks and confirmed a short touring stint alongside the likes of Black Breath and Gallows. These two demo tracks mark the first opportunity to hear what 33 are about, and both display fresh aggression of a band to keen to muscle their way straight into the status of staple hardcore favourites.

It’s the kind of grooving, inclusive hardcore that will owe much more to live shows in cramped back rooms than it does on record – for example, the riff during “Dark Light” is very, very immediate and manages to feel like an old anthemic favourite by the time it rolls back in for the half-time breakdown finale. 33 don’t throw any unexpected moves, sticking to the hooks and structures they know will strike an instant connection with the hardcore crowds.

Personally, I didn’t find it to be the most stimulating listen via a pair of headphones or even when blasted through speakers – as I’ve said, it won’t be until 33 are sweating these songs out in amongst a flailing, pitting audience with each lyric yelled back in their faces that the tracks will truly show their worth. I’m sure that the wealth of experience behind the line-up (featuring members of Ironclad, Dukes Of Nothing and Strength Alone) will be enough to ensure that the band put in a solid showing come the tour in 10 days time.