Review: Craig Colorusso - Sun Boxes

Sun Boxes is a travelling sound installation by Craig Colorusso, consisting of 20 solar-powered speakers that the listener is free to roam amongst and in between. Culminatively, they create a Bb chord of pre-recorded guitar notes, formed always in part as notes drift in and out of audibility – there’s a certain “wind chime” quality to the way the chord is gently eased in and out of sporadic life, while the way in which it always escapes a state of absolute completion places the listener/participant inside a state of timeless limbo.

Sadly, the two pieces of this 7” are far too brief (both subject to abrupt fade-outs before the 6-minute mark) for its meditative qualities to take full effect, while any sense of depth and immersion involved in the physical exhibition must be sacrificed in the creation of this fleeting stereo account. It’s a neat little 7” in all, but one that provokes intrigue around the exhibition itself rather than providing an alternate way to experience it. Fingers crossed for a UK appearance of Sun Boxes some time soon.