Review: Gunslingers - Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors

Gunslingers are straight out of the blocks: guitar screaming and writhing through boisterous rock ‘n’ roll improv, bass slinking between the frets with bite and seduction in equal part, vocals drool sass into vintage microphone, and drums propelled by a ride cymbal that ticks away with the same juvenile incessancy as a baby with a rattle. There’s no gradual momentum-gathering or “bedding in” period here; top speed is achieved instantly, and Gunslingers hurtle into the eternal horizon powered by a loose, rickety appreciation for groove and volume.

Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors is two tracks and 16-minutes in total. Its brevity is something of a tease, as both of these jams sound like they could happily crash around indefinitely – instead, my only alternative is slide the needle back to the starting point, like a child developing an obsession with his very first record single, and repeat the experience all over again. It’s fantastic fun, bringing together noise rock’s raucous attack and the ecstatic, all-flailing energy of early rock ‘n’ roll.