Review: Hectic Zeniths - Type One Era

With Type One Era’s central thumping beats, Hectic Zeniths bring elements into congruence that otherwise have little business in eachother’s proximity. All sorts of samples are prised away from their birthing context – split-seconds of string sections extracted from romantic symphonies, vocals pitch-shifted to sound like the croons of gentle, love-struck ogres, harp sweeps that tinkle between hi-hats like a dripping tap, storms are reined in from their usual propulsive rumbling to reside within strict rhythmic routines. With the simplicity of its rhythms and the rose-tinted daydreaming of its rotary chord progressions, the EP brings a utopian uncomplication to eclectic sonic amalgamations; potential clashes of culture and timbre are rendered trivial by the ease with which Type One Era co-ordinates itself into a unified whole, with momentary flashbacks to elsewhere flicking on/off like lightswitches around those hip-hop beats, coming together as if, for that fleeting moment of now, they were designed to do so.