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Interview: Chiyou Ding

In the next part of ATTN’s TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PREVIEW, the London-based sound hobbyist discusses dance music, carbonara and his plans for his performance at Café Oto.

Interview: Lucia H Chung

In the first instalment of our TAIWANESE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PREVIEW, event organiser Lucia H Chung discusses improvisatory immediacy, no-input feedback and the distance from home.

Interview: Leafcutter John

Ahead of his appearance at Unconscious Archives, the London-based artist discusses the intricacies of contact mic creation and the percussive symphonies of the Norfolk coast.

Interview: Francisco López

The Madrid-born sound artist discusses extreme dynamic range and the arrangement of space, ahead of his quadrophonic performance at Cafe Oto this Saturday.

Live: Multipletap @ Cafe Oto in London, 23/02/2014

Cafe Oto plays host to an eclectic, chaotic congregation of the Japanese avant garde.

Interview: Rie Nakajima

Following her performance as part of The New Experimentalists at Southbank – and just an hour prior to winning The Arts Foundation grant at the 2014 awards – Rie Nakajima spoke to ATTN about performance context, audience reaction and sculptural sound.

Live: The New Experimentalists @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, 14/01/2014

The shortlist for The Arts Foundation Award evoke an eclectic freeze-frame of contemporary and experimental music: Jennifer Walshe, Richard Skelton, Rie Nakajima and Lina Lapelyte.

Live: Richard Youngs + Eric Chenaux @ Cafe Oto In London, 11/01/2014

A quiet and engrossed Cafe Oto plays host to two artists orbiting the sphere of singer/songwriter.

Live: Eli Keszler + Jennifer Allum + John Chantler @ Cafe Oto in London, 25/05/13

ATTN returns to Oto for cryptic modular synthesis, broken violins and clattering drum improvisation.

Interview: Russell Haswell

Ahead of an audio/visual performance at South London Gallery next month, nO!semaker Russell Haswell talks to ATTN about 80s black metal shows and the release of his new full length, FACTUAL.