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Review: A-Sun Amissa – The Gatherer

Empty panoramas of improvisational intimacy.

Review: Adoran – Children Of Mars

An inevitable bass/drum eruption from a state of terrific, trembling pressure.

Review: Ekca Liena – Graduals

The chaos of micro-processes upon a panoramic blanket of stillness, in a new record by the project of Daniel W J Mackenzie.

Review: Whisper Room – The Cruelest Month

An eternal work of decay and rebuild, driven forward by faint hazes of dubstep and krautrock.

Review: Aidan Baker + Thisquietarmy – Orange

The 2006 collaboration between Aidan Baker and Eric Quach (aka Thisquietarmy), remastered and extended.

Review: Aderlating – Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone Pt 1

The first in a two-part series, from the brains behind Gnaw Their Tongues.

Review: Aidan Baker – Lost In The Rat Maze

The ever-prolific Canadian gets his 2011 off the ground with a brand new release on ConSouling Sounds.