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Crucial Listening #98: Eric Chenaux

Sulphur and molasses, museums and ice cream, reverence for the beautiful. The avant garde ballard-purveyor discusses three important albums.

Review: T. Gowdy – Therapy With Colour

The attainment of meditative states without strain or artifice.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Slowly Paradise

Guitar and voice. Honey pooling across uneven surfaces.

Interview: Do Make Say Think

Justin Small discusses playing the faders, slowing time and DMST’s latest album, “Stubborn Persistent Illusions”.

Review: Jessica Moss – Pools Of Light

Tempest and internal dialogue, as painted with refracted strokes of voice and violin.

Review: Off World – 1

A silhouette escaping the illumination of misfired understanding. Not an album of Wild Western retro-synthesiser jams.

Interview: Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche

Jean-Sébastien Truchy talks to ATTN about Zubberdust!, the upcoming European tour and the progress of record number two.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Skullsplitter

Romance and clarity amidst a botched blanket of guitar improvisation and signal-bending.

Review: Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

A free jazz-informed flow of frailty and constantly rekindled momentum.

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