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Review: Nicolas Wiese – Living Theory Without Anecdotes

New sounds on Corvo, teasing the vibrations of found sounds, chimes, strings and more into unnatural harmonies and decays.

Review: Axel Dörner + Jassem Hindi – Waterkil

Tiny details and jagged shapes collide in this new collaborative effort on Corvo.

Review: Thorsten Soltau + Preslav Literary School – Grün wie Milch / Alamut

Musique concrete and Bach drones meet in a picture disc split on Corvo.

Review: PopeWAFFEN – S/T

Madcap improvisation from five multi-instrumentalists.

Review: Ezramo – come ho imparato a volare

Brand new work from the Berlin-based sound artist and composer, in only the second album to be released on Corvo Records.