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Crucial Listening #23: Massimo Pupillo (Zu, URUK)

Coconut hooves, grotesque distorted shapes, the healing force of the universe. The bass player and composer discusses his important albums.

Live: Current 93 + Shirley Collins + MacGillivray @ Union Chapel in London, 08/02/2014

A 10-strong lineup celebrates the release of C93’s new album, “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell”.

Review: Current 93 – Honeysuckle Æons

The brand new release from the world’s favourite Hallucinatory Gnostic Supergroup.

Review: Sailors With Wax Wings – S/T

R. Loren of Pyramids calls upon members of Nadja, Current 93, Slowdive, Swans, My Dying Bride, Unwound, Prurient, Katatonia and Kralice for his grand new side project.