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Crucial Listening #72: Ka Baird

Snot-caked pants, wild banshee shit, the cadence and emphasis of Robert Ashley. The New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist discusses three important albums.

Crucial Listening #57: J. Zunz

Fearless four-track improvisations, spiritual jazz recurrence, manipulations of passing time. Lorena Quintanilla discusses three important albums.

Feature: The Gravity Of Time – Listening To Long Music

The sensations of listening to music of extended duration.

Crucial Listening #15: Zachary James Watkins

High vibration resonance, nostalgia in dub, ecstatic dancing. The Oakland-based composer discusses three important albums.

Crucial Listening #14: Shiva Feshareki

Ever-ascending love, walls of bass, deep listening on the Northern line. The London-based composer/experimental turntablist discusses three important compositions.

Interview: Shiva Feshareki

The turntablist/composer discusses circular movement, Deep Listening and her new project involving Lee Gamble, Éliane Radigue and a cave in the Peak District.

Live: Éliane Radigue – OCCAM @ St Paul’s Church Southville, 06/02/2017

Rhodri Davies, Dominic Lash and Nate Wooley perform three pieces from Éliane Radigue’s OCCAM series.

Feature: Sound On The Edge Of Sleep

A rambling observation of listening and semi-consciousness.

Review: Eliane Radigue – Adnos I-III

Important Records re-releases three wondrous pieces of Radigue drone from the 70s and 80s.

Live: Eliane Radigue (L’île re-Sonante) @ St Stephen Walbrook, 25/06/11

The closing night of Sound And Music’s glorious two-week retrospective.

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