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Crucial Listening #98: Eric Chenaux

Sulphur and molasses, museums and ice cream, reverence for the beautiful. The avant garde ballard-purveyor discusses three important albums.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Slowly Paradise

Guitar and voice. Honey pooling across uneven surfaces.

Feature: ATTN in 2015

Thinking back over a year of critical authority, immersive practices and reviews by the sea.

Live: Matana Roberts + Eric Chenaux + Marcus Hamblett @ The Prince Albert in Brighton, 07/10/2015

The psychedelia of countryside morning air; dribbling proclamations of love; the immediate past trampled into lo-fi sediment.

Review: Eric Chenaux – Skullsplitter

Romance and clarity amidst a botched blanket of guitar improvisation and signal-bending.

Live: Richard Youngs + Eric Chenaux @ Cafe Oto In London, 11/01/2014

A quiet and engrossed Cafe Oto plays host to two artists orbiting the sphere of singer/songwriter.

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